No Screens. No Apps. No B.S.
Show yourself, not your selfie.

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Offline Dating Events makes dating suck a little bit less by trading apps and screens for genuine human connection. From inclusive dinner parties to unconventional curated experiences, Offline Dating Events makes it easy to meet like-minded humans in low-pressure settings and take some of the angst out of the dating process.

We don’t hate dating apps but we REALLY hate the game – and we know we’re not the only ones! Offline Dating Events caters to folks who feel frustrated, stressed, or generally “meh” about all the swiping, texting, benching, and ghosting and eager for opportunities to connect IRL.


SIGN UP for our mailing list to be first to learn of EVENTS that are app-free, screen-free, totally analog social experiences, and when you see something you like, simply RSVP to save a spot. We handle the hard stuff; all you need to do is show your best self – not your best selfie – and have a good time.


Learn more about what Offline Dating Events is about HERE.


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Offline Dating Events was founded under the optimistic desire for a better, dare-we-say easier way to date in the modern age. The brainchild of sex-and-relationship coach Anne Hodder and social entrepreneur and event producer Steph Belsky, Offline Dating Events deconstructs the digital dating experience in the hopes of making the whole process feel more fun by eliminating the b.s. that gets in the way. Meeting people is hard enough and all the apps, screens, matching, and swiping hasn’t made it much easier – so why not date the way we did before technology took the wheel?

One of us accidentally met her husband in 2014 via a dating app – minutes before deleting her old, un-updated profile – and knows what it takes to build (and maintain) a happy, healthy partnership. The other has been diligently using dating apps since 2008 with some hits (and many misses) and simply wants to find something REAL. Our assorted dating fails and fortunes, combined with years of event planning and party-going, inspired us to explore a potential solution to what our friends consider the hardest part of forming relationships: finding people who know what they want. (Or at least won’t flake the day of your first date.)

We’re not professional match-makers and we can’t promise you’ll meet your soulmate. We’re simply two friends who believe in community, authentic human connection, and the power of a low-pressure, “zero fucks” approach to meeting people in person. Offline Dating Events sets the scene for what we intend to be fun gatherings of like-minded individuals, free of the judgments and preconceptions that often come from analyzing dating profiles and swiping through photos. Whatever happens next is up to YOU.

A Note from the Founders: Offline Dating Events is a safe and inclusive space for all people actively dating. Our schedule will be updated with curated events that cater to Los Angeles’s many communities, including:

men who date men

women who date women

women who date men/men who date women

queer/non-binary folx

polyamorous/non-monogamous (including monogamish) folx

Offline Dating Events reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who acts against house rules and/or inhibits the safety and sanctity of the Offline Dating Community in any way.

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Who is Anne?

Anne Hodder is a certified sex educator and relationship coach who operates a private practice dedicated to helping people form stronger, more loving connections with themselves (and other people). Anne brings a fun, friendly and sex-positive teaching style to group workshops, college campus events, one-on-one sessions and more and utilizes a non-judgmental and no-b.s. approach to help clients of all ages and lifestyles heal, learn and grow.


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Who is Steph?

Steph Belsky is a content and community strategist, social entrepreneur, and founder of a creative agency that connects nonprofits with influencers and brands through the arts and tech. Via community engagement, content production, event hosting and planning, and more, Steph makes it easy for communities, celebrities, and high-level companies to support nonprofits and give back through strategic partnerships and innovative fundraising experiences.  

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